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TukaWach was founded by the core creative team of Magdalena Tuka and Anita Wach, performers from theatre and dance respectively. After working together within previous collaborations the two were inspired to formally unite as a company. From 2013-16 TukaWach were known as Ja Ja Ja Ne Ne Ne. More...
Through its various fusions of new dramaturgy and multimedia experimentation, the narrative of a TukaWach show is never a linear cause-and-effect system of events but one open to fragmentation and deconstruction. Fiction is employed as a device for the performer-devisors to confront personal material, though the strategies used to achieve such confrontations are not set in stone but resought anew in relation to the content being explored. While the initiator of each project will ultimately retain an authorial final word, performer autonomy is encouraged and every performance is very much the result of a true collaboration.

From the outset one of the duo's key modus operandi has been the development of co-operations with and support of other international organizations and individual artists. Over the last 4 years of showing work a network of ongoing connections has evolved throughout Poland and the UK as well as in Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Projects have received funding variously from Polish Ministry of Culture, International Visegrad Foundation, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Dance Festival in Gdansk 2013, Threecity Dance Cooperation, Body/Mind Foundation and Maat Festival.

Magda Tuka performer, dramaturg
A graduate from the Warsaw Theatre Academy (MA) with an Actor's Diploma from ZASP, for 10 years Magda worked exclusively with Warsaw-based theatre company Studium Teatralne as both actor and workshop leader, touring extensively with their shows throughout Europe and in South America. Since leaving Studium she has toured England with interactive theatre company The Other Way Works, worked with Slovenian performing arts project Via Negativa on various international projects, and received artistic scholarships from the Polish Ministry of Culture and the Visegrad Foundation to develop her own work, two shows of which now form part of the TukaWach repertoire. More →

Anita Wach performer, choreographer
Anita was a dancer for 7 years in one of the first professional contemporary dance companies in Poland, Śląskim Teatrze Tańca (Silesian Dance Theatre, Bytom) after which she began to work mainly with Teatr Bretoncaffe (Bretoncaffe Theatre, Warsaw), as well as with various other companies and artists as an independent dancer and performer. She has been an artist-in-residence at PACT Zollverein Choreographic Centre in Essen, and received artistic scholarships from both the Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia, and the Polish Ministry of Culture. Anita is part of an ongoing collaboration with Slovenian performing arts project Via Negativa.

Agata Tuka production assistant
Agata was co-founder and inaugural president of Association Sztuka Nowa (New Art Assoc.), the Warsaw-based nonprofit organizing interdisciplinary artistic events in Poland and internationally. She was on the organization team of the Fundacji Rozwoju Sztuki Filmowej (Film Development Foundation), for their acclaimed festival 'Kobieta Za Obiektywem' ('A Woman Behind The Lens'); and was graphic designer and coordinator of information & publicity at Centrum Koordynacji Projektów Środowiskowych (Coordination Centre for Environmental Projects).