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©2012/18 TukaWach
M: Many of you are asking me, why wrestling?
Wrestling is my song of love, song of freedom.
A: What I like about fight? That I never know what to expect next, constant surprises and having to be ready.
M: Yeah. Fight, Fight - That's All We Can Do, and the show must go on!

Fighting as a show to entertain an audience has existed since time immemorial. The famed Nubian wrestlers of pre-antiquity became slaves doing a job to please the Egyptian invader. Wrestling's simple form mixed with its potential danger (to health, even life) can provide the spectator with a unique experience. The distance between fighters and the viewer may be read as a relationship of power.  View promo video (dur. 1m 12s) 

Dear Audience, the Fight-Fight-that's-all-we-can-do-crew wishes you to have a good time and forget about 'ordinary life'.
Fight, Fight... is fun, energetic, and smart, referencing popular culture in a thoughtful and apposite way. Tuka and Wach focus on comic effects but they are not trivial. Una Bauer, Kulturpunkt.hr (2013-09-06)

Concept & direction: Magda Tuka
Performance: Magda Tuka, Anita Wach
Sound: Opaean
Photos: Dusand, Ruta Pirtniece

Fight, Fight - That's All We Can Do was developed in residency at Stanica Žilina-Záriečie, Slovakia supported by International Visegrad Foundation, within the program Visegrad Artist Residency Program – Performing Arts. Première: 2013-06-13 S2, Stanica Žilina-Záriečie.

gloria! [sic] - part great improvisation with an incurable desire for illusion and the seduction of form.

Pathetic Quartet are four characters searching for inspiration and poetry; in music, through random spoken word, and within their own (and stolen) identities. Their goal - to construct and throw themselves into situations of admiration for the triviality of great things and the infinite irrelevance. And when finally, under-prepared yet well-motivated, they are faced with the viewer they try nothing less than to resurrect the spirit of Romanticism.

Concept & Direction: Anita Wach
Choreography and performance: Magdalena Jędra, Anna Steller, Magda Tuka, Anita Wach
Direction consultant: Magdalena Tuka
Photo: Paweł Wyszomirski

Produced with Dance Festival in Gdansk 2013; Threecity Dance Cooperation
In Cooperation with Body/Mind Foundation

"Tiredness by the regime of one's own confusion seems to reach its zenith"

MUTE, a solo performance where the performer resigns from her own initiative, putting herself through other artists' experiences which she was not part of but which have become part of her. It is a collection of words, names, titles, movements, stolen choreographies, physical exercises, functional gestures, thoughts, statements, ideas, questions, thesis. A record of a personal struggle with reality, with the border between the stage and the audience, modernity and history, firmly outlined individuality and its fuzzy boundaries. MUTE is also an exercise of memory, muscle flexibility, but above all a social gathering of people unfamiliar with each other for whom the only common point is the figure of the dancer drifting between realities of the scenes.

Devised & choreographed by Anita Wach

Created during 2013 MAAT Festival residency

Alive Alive-O! A multimedia tragicomedy mixing the Greek myth of Eurydice with the contemporary news item of a jilted Chinese bride, Li Wan, whose groom’s sudden cold feet prompted her, with wedding dress on, to attempt jumping from a 7th floor window. Using a strategy of excess, Alive Alive-O! provokes a constant sense of being on the border in its collision of worlds.

One day in each woman’s life, taking them from tears of happiness to those of grief; both in a situation of being stuck, their constant re-remembering of a moment from the past turns a would-be wedding situation to the ritual of funeral.

The masterfully constructed narrative leads the viewer and, as it transpires, participant, through wedding and funeral ceremonies, from euphoria to despair. Although the topic is very serious, thanks to the skilful manipulation of irony (a great Anita Wach as DJ Hermes from Sulejowek) as well as a constantly renewed performer-audience relationship, the performance tends towards emotional participation, and is not only for those whose thoughts daily revolve around the "dialectic of being and non-being" Magdalena Zamorska, Taniecpolska.pl (2013-05-16)

Concept & text: Magda Tuka
Performance: Magda Tuka, Anita Wach
Sound: Opaean
Photo: Marta Ankiersztejn

Alive Alive-O! began under a 6-month artistic scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. It was premiéred at the 2013 Mandala Festival in Wrocław.